Hotel Savings Reward Platform Terms of Use

Once activated, your Hotel Savings reward account will be credited with a specific U.S. dollar amount of savings (or the equivalent in various other currencies) that can be used to reduce the cost of hotels from the publicly available retail price found on major online booking sites to a lower price when you book hotels (the "Product").  Your account can be activated by entering the Activation Code and PIN number on the card or in the email you received.  You can use part or all of the remaining Hotel Savings Balance available in your account when you book hotels on our website.  PLEASE NOTE Hotel Savings rewards credits have no cash value and will only be used in a limited fashion to reduce the cost of your hotel booking from the publiclypublicly available retail price to a lower price.  Under no circumstances can these Hotel Savings rewards credits be used to get a hotel room for free Additionally, pricing constraints on various rates offered may dictate that only a portion of your card value may be applicable for a specific booking.  However, you may continue to use any unused balances available on your card for future stays until total amount of the card value is utilized.

The amount of Hotel Savings rewards credits applied to each hotel booking is determined by mathematical calculations performed by this website at the time of each hotel search.  The calculated dollar value of the Hotel Savings rewards credits available to redeem to reduce the price of any hotel room available to book will be displayed on your screen.  The price you will pay after the calculated Hotel Savings rewards credits have been redeemed and subtracted from the publicly available retail price will also displayed on the screen.  Your hotel booking will only be confirmed after you pay the total amount due after the calculated amount of Hotel Savings rewards credits have been subtracted from the publicly available retail price listed on our website.  By creating your user account and using your Hotel Savings reward credits to reduce the price of the hotels you book on this website, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). These Terms, which are also posted on the website are subject to change without notice.  You also agree to abide by the cancellation policy and all other terms and conditions posted on this website for each Product and hotel offered on the Website ("Other Terms").  Other Terms may also appear on the confirmation you will receive after your purchase, including the terms of the hotel property and/or brand you book through our website.  Other Terms are also subject to change by third-party Product providers without notice.